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  • Angel's Football ABC book can be CUSTOMIZED with your favorite football team colors -- Let us know who your favorite is. We don't have licenses to include a team's logo, whether it is for a school, college, or pro team. We can customize your "ANGEL the Pug Football ABC book with any combinations of colors that represent your favorite football team.


ANGEL the Pug's "Football" ABC children's book is a paperback book. The book is beautifully illustrated with graphics that pair with the 26 alphabets, with a Football theme and animated logo characters of ANGEL the Pug appear on many of the pages with a football, one of her favor toys.


Learn your ABCs with Football and ANGEL the Pug.


Book written by Wilheimina Long and Co-Authored by Wellington Williams, Jr.


Size:  8.25 x 8.25"

Published by Jellybeans Children's Books Publishing (2018)


32 pages


Ages 2-7 years

CUSTOMIZE Angel the Pug "Football" ABC book

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$20.00Sale Price
  • It's a colorful illustrated picture book where the child can learn their ABCs with ANGEL the Pug.  ANGEL the Pug says "Let's Go" and learn your ABCs.

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