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We are so happy that you are here to see us. Join us in our adventures while we are on the move to get in the groove. Bring your friends along. You can't go wrong.




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RAY the Buffalo is the feature character in the children’s book, “The Story of RAY the Buffalo”. RAY the Buffalo enjoys living in the park. RAY meets other animals and birds there where he meets EMILY the Eagle. EMILY the Eagle becomes a wonderful friend to RAY the Buffalo. She encourages him to be on the move and get in the groove. RAY the Buffalo will take you on many adventures with his friends as they journey in and outside of the park. 
RAY the Buffalo's motto is: NO WORRIES

The buffalo is the national mammal in America.

  • In 2013, the RAY the Buffalo book series was started in tribute to the author's Dad, Horace RAY Long, US Navy Veteran of World War II.

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JAZPER the Cat is a wonderful friend to everyone, and especially to his family. He is a leader but gets in mischief at times.

The real JAZPER the Cat lives with his military family who is stationed at Fort Campbell, US Army base in Tennessee. 

JAZPER the Cat's motto is: BE KIND
The real life pet: ANGEL the Pug would normally be available near her home area for appearances & book signings; however, due to the continued concerns with COVID, events for her have been cancelled to keep Angel safe, as well. Please contact us if you have an future interest.
ANGEL the Pug books are available for purchase

Angel the Pug's "What is a virus, Sis? book.
Angel the Pug Aviation ABC book.
FISHER the Bear is a black bear often found in national parks. Fisher the Bear and RAY the Buffalo will have adventures by the water when they meet while Fisher the Bear is trying to catch his dinner. They chat about healthy eating.
FISHER the Bear's motto is: YOU BET
SHADOE’s name sounds like the word “Shadow” as a groundhog is known for seeing his shadow. In SHADOE's storyline, there will be conversations about all of the animals in the park seeing their shadow too, and what that could mean.
SHADOE the Groundhog's motto is:
ange 2l June2018_Cropped.jpg
ANGEL the Pug is smart and loves to go for walks where she makes so many
friends. She enjoys playing with her football toy. Her favorite foods are chicken, spaghetti, eggs, broccoli, and string beans. At times, she prefers vegetables over meat.

Check out Angel’s ears. She loves to lift her left ear, and it’s incorporated into her logo. She's very original and she's so cute!!!!!

The live ANGEL the Pug lives in Chesapeake, Virginia. She enjoys going for walks in the park and on the beach.​

ANGEL the Pug's motto is: LET'S GO
emily logo_face.jpg
EMILY the Eagle is a wonderful friend to RAY the buffalo. She encourages him and shows him how to get moving. EMILY and RAY will have many adventures as they travel along many journeys to be shared through their friendship in other books in the RAY the Buffalo series.


EMILY the Eagle's motto is: YOU GOT THIS

The eagle is the national bird in America.

  • EMILY the Eagle was named in tribute to Second Lieutenant Emily J.T. Perez, US Army (Class of 2005).

  • Emily J.T. Perez was the first female Minority Cadet Command Sergeant Major in the history of the US Military Academy. What a wonderful role model for both boys and girls!

  • To learn more about Emily J.T. Perez, please visit Emily's Way.


The Story of Ray the  Buffalo


"The Story of Ray the Buffalo" children's book is the first of a series. It features two of America's national symbols: the buffalo and the eagle. It is a children’s picture book about encouragement, friendship, fun, and being active, written by Wilheimina Long and beautifully illustrated by Ron Miller. RAY the Buffalo enjoys lying around and chilling out until he hears music and wants to dance, but does not know how. RAY looks to his friend EMILY the Eagle for help.

This children's book series has created new characters that will become friends for children, while giving a child a friend that will motivate the child to be and do their best through the help of the many stories to come in the book series.

Wilheimina was motivated to create the storyline about RAY the buffalo through her concern to motivate young children to be more active, and she wanted to do it by creating characters that would be enduring for both boys and girls. She decided what better way than to put a book in a child's hand with American symbols that children throughout the world will get to know and enjoy through books, apparel, toys, movies, cartoons, etc.

"The Story of Ray the Buffalo" is an inter-active book as after the story ends, there is Chat Time where the reader has a chance to talk with the child about RAY the Buffalo and EMILY the Eagle with hopes of inspiring the child to have fun in their own quest to get moving just as Ray the Buffalo and EMILY the Eagle does. 


Ray the Buffalo and Friends currently includes 6 characters: RAY the Buffalo, EMILY the Eagle, FISHER the Bear, SHADOE the Groundhog, ANGEL the Pug, and JAZPER the Cat, who will be on the move to help everyone get in the groove of learning, being active, inspiring, and enjoying lots of adventures. But two NEW people characters are under development to make it a crew of 8 awesome characters -- they will help to take the 6 existing characters on more adventures and fun and educational learning experiences -- STAY TUNED!!!!




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