RAY The Buffalo Children's book features two of America's national symbols: the buffalo and the eagle

Children need to meet RAY the BUFFALO and his friend EMILY the EAGLE.  RAY enjoys lying around and chilling out until he hears music and wants to dance, but does not know how. RAY looks to his friend EMILY the eagle for help. THE STORY OF RAY THE BUFFALO is a children’s picture book about encouragement, friendship, fun, and being active, written by Wilheimina Long and beautifully illustrated by Ron Miller.

Your child will enjoy “The Story of Ray the Buffalo” for many years to come, and will want to read or have it read to them over and over and over.

It’s a book that is inter-active after the story ends, allowing the reader a chance to talk with the child about RAY the buffalo and EMILY the eagle with hopes of inspiring the child to have fun in their own quest to get moving just as Ray the buffalo and EMILY the eagle does.  It’s something so basic that many children don’t often enough with our world of technology that constantly surrounds them, which is great, but there is such a great need to keep children physically active, and RAY is here to assist!

This children's book series has created new characters that will become friends for many children, while giving a child a friend that will motivate a child to be and do their best through the help of the many stories to come in the book series.

Wilheimina Long, the author was motivated to create the storyline about RAY the buffalo through her concern to also motivate young children to be more active, and she wanted to do it by creating characters that would be enduring for both boys and girls. And she figured what better way than to put a book in a child's hand where the storyline of the book could inspire a child to get up and get moving, in line also with First Lady Michelle Obama's mission to get children moving.

At the recent book signings, it has been noticed that girls and boys have been drawn to both RAY and EMILY, and this is so very exciting. It's important to have American symbols that children throughout America and the world will get to know and enjoy through reading books, activity books, apparel, buttons, etc.

The book series will soon include 2 additional characters: FISHER the Bear and SHADOE the Groundhog.



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